Thorp Academy

Outcomes focused, child centred

Teaching & Learning Committee


STAFF LEAD: Miss G Steggal

What we do:-

  • Speak with members of the Senior Leadership Team (Miss MacAualy & Mrs French).
  • Act as a vehicle of communication between students and staff.
  • Meet every two weeks.

What we want to achieve:-

  • Cooperation between staff and students.
  • Teaching that works for everyone.
  • Make sure that well-being is a key focus of teaching.

We're looking for someone who:-

  • Wants to make a difference at Thorp.
  • Is interested in learning.
  • Is aware of what is going on around the academy.
  • Can make positive contributions to Thorp.

Why you should join:-

  • Experience of a job working with children.
  • You can help change the way your lessons are taught.
  • You can put it on your personal statement.
  • It counts as one of your pledges.