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KS4 Revision

Revision is even more important at this stage as the vast majority of students will be required to remember three years worth of work for their GCSE exams. Homework is key to helping students to revise as the homework will all allow students to add to and become more familiar with knowledge. Homework will also give students the opportunity to practise exam technique, the more familiar they become with this the better they will perform in exams.

Students in Year 9 and 10 are given information on how to revise in assemblies and are asked to practise the methods show for at least every STEP assessment (see key stage 3 information for some good examples of different methods). Teachers also use retrieval for bell tasks at the start of lessons to help students recall the main facts.Students should always have work to do, even if they have not been given formal homework as revision should be continuous.

The following websites are good for all subjects and also helps students to plan and deal with exam stress:

In Year 11 school buys revision guides for all students but it would be worth investing in these at the start of key stage 4, so students get used to using them. There are lots of good examples on the market, so students should consult teachers so that they do not buy the same one that they will receive in Year 11.