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Temple secures national spot

THORP Academy's exceptional rower Erin Temple just keeps getting better.

THORP Academy’s exceptional rower Erin Temple just keeps getting better.

Erin will be heading to Durham next week to compete in the Regional Indoor finals at Maiden Castle as a reward for her record-breaking appearance at the Tyne & Wear competition earlier this year.

She heads there in good shape after another positive day on the national stage when she qualified for the Junior Inter-Regional Regatta in Peterborough representing the northern region.

Erin, a Year 10 student enrolled on Thorp’s Elite Performer Programme, has already taken the area by storm this year by winning the Tyne & Wear Indoor Schools competition in a time that smashed a seven-year-old record.

“It was the top four that qualified from that event and the record I broke was from 2012, it was 1,315metres and I got 1,326 in five minutes,” she said.

“I was also in a relay team for Gateshead with two other people and we won too. I have won the Gateshead finals every year since Year 7 but this was the first time I have got to the top of the leaderboard as well.

“I want to be really good, and things have been going well. I came first in the JWJ15 single at Durham Head of the River race, I’d not won that before as a single.”

Erin competes for Tyne Amateur Rowing Club and has her sights set on securing a place at a top university, such as Edinburgh, Newcastle or Durham, where all have strong rowing teams.

Long before that, though, Erin will be back on the water again next month, when she heads to Peterborough for the Junior Inter-Regional Regatta.

“I will be racing in the WJ15 single scull on April 27,” she said. “I came second out of nine at trials by 1.4 seconds.

“That has been a target of mine this year and I’m happy with how things have gone so far.

“I started rowing when I was in Year 6, when I came for an open day at this school (Thorp Academy). They had rowing machines set out for a competition.

“After that, my friend’s dad rowed and he said I would do a good job, so I joined a club three months later.”

Erin was one of four Thorp students to win in the regional indoor rowing finals along with Olivia Frankland, Olivia Atkinson and Jessica Milburn.