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Holly shines despite injury

A DANCER from Thorp Academy has incredibly claimed top two finishes despite having to compete with pins in her hip.

A DANCER from Thorp Academy has incredibly claimed top two finishes despite having to compete with pins in her hip.

Holly Kirkland, a dancer on the Elite Performer Programme at Thorp, has had a horrible 14 months on the injury front.

But the 13-year-old still managed to help the Northern Stars Dance Academy to second spot in a national competition at Blackpool. She also came runner-up in a solo competition too.

It was a fantastic achievement in itself but to have celebrated the two results after such a run of bad luck with injuries made it even greater.


Holly said: “Last year in January I went for a hip check up as it had been hurting for a couple of months. I was told to go to the hospital the next day to be operated on.

“It was an upper femoral epiphysis, which is a fracture on the growth bone on your hip which slips off. I got the first one done and the next one done a few weeks later.

“After that I went to the physio, was given recovery stretches, but I had not been 100 per cent for a couple of months so I went back in January and had to get the pins looked at.They are hurting again, the pins are sticking out again.”

And yet Holly still managed to perform to a high standard.

She said: “I came second in a solo and we came second as a team in Blackpool, it was a contemporary dance, and did a modern jazz one as well. Our dance teacher got the best producer award.

“When I dance it has been OK but it’s been the pain afterwards so I have to have it looked at again. I have danced for the last two years competitively, but I have danced for ages.”

As part of the EPP programme at Thorp, Holly is being given strength and conditioning sessions that do not cause a problem for her hips.

The former Ryton Primary pupil said: “I will be operated on again, will have a week on crutches and hopefully it will be normal again. I am getting the pins taken out, it has all calcified and nothing more should happen.

“When I had my first operations the S&C helped me, I was allowed to do my own programme. The coach doesn’t make me do what hurts me.

“I am determined to recover and get dancing again because I want to do dance when I am older, just not sure whether than will be in the theatre or something else.”