Thorp Academy

Outcomes focused, child centred

Staff List

Senior Leadership Team
Principal Mrs K Hailes
Vice Principal - Deep Learning Miss J Macaulay
Vice Principal - Deep Support Mr D Tucker
Vice Principal - Deep Experience Mr P Fox
Assistant Principal - Pastoral Mrs R Marklew
Assistant Principal - Staff Development & Homework Mrs S Harwood
Assistant Principal - Sixth Form and L&P Mrs A French
Associate Assistant Principal - Achievement & Intervention Mr S Lloyd
Associate Assistant Principal - Careers, Enrichment and SENDCo Miss H Bownes
Associate Assistant Principal - Praise Culture & Pledges Miss S Nangle
Faculty Lead for English Mrs E Haws
Assistant Faculty Lead for English Mrs N Gainford
Teacher of English Mrs R Scanlon
Teacher of English Miss M Nesbitt
Teacher of English Dr D Smale
Teacher of English Mr P McManus
Teacher of English Mrs M Dickson
Teacher of English & Assistant Principal Mrs S Harwood
Teaching Assistant - English Mrs A Ross
121 Tutor - English Mrs D Moore
121 Tutor - English Mr N Hunter
NET Director of Mathematics & Faculty Lead Mr M Williams
Assistant Faculty Lead for Mathematics Mrs C Porter
Teacher of Mathematics Miss R Bullerwell
Teacher of Mathematics Mrs V Armstrong
Teacher of Mathematics Miss M Williams
Teacher of Mathematics Miss K Parkin
Teacher of Mathematics Mr C Liddle
Teacher of Mathematics Mrs C Liston
Teacher of Mathematics Mrs N Ahmed
Teaching Assistant - Mathematics Mrs K Bentley
121 Tutor- Maths Mrs R Nelson
121 Tutor - Maths Miss B Chambers
Faculty Lead for Science Mr L Campbell
Teacher of Science Mrs J Johnson
Teacher of Science Mr A Hutchings
Teacher of Science Miss L Cid de la Paz
Teacher of Science Miss J Sandy
Teacher of Science Mr M Seddon
Teacher of Science Mrs S Colquhoun
Teacher of Science Mr F Khan
Teacher of Science Mrs S Rutherford
Humanities & MFL
Assistant Principal & Faculty Lead for Humanities and MFL Mr J McDaid
Assistant Faculty Lead for Humanities and MFL Mr J Guerbaai
Teacher of Geography & Vice Principal Mr D Tucker
Teacher of Geography & Associate Assistant Principal Miss H Bownes
Teacher of Geography Miss G Stegall
Teacher of Geography Miss J Horsburgh
Teacher of History & Assistant Principal Mrs A French
Teacher of History, RE & Assistant Principal Mrs R Marklew
Teacher of History & Vice Principal Mr P Fox
Teacher of RE Mr P Davison
Teacher of MFL & Vice Principal Mrs J Macaulay
Teacher of MFL Mrs J Watford
Computer Science
Faculty Lead & Associate Assistant Principal Mr S Lloyd
Teacher of Computer Science Mr M Mannion
Faculty Lead for Performance Mr C Robinson
Assistant Faculty Lead for Performance Mrs H Shaller
Assistant Faculty Lead for Performance Miss K Gallagher
Teacher of Music & Associate Assistant Principal Mrs S Nangle
Teacher of PE Mr P Stead
Teacher of PE Mr E Crane
Teacher of PE Miss F Coulson
Faculty Lead for Design Mrs S Statt
Assistant Faculty Lead for Design Mrs E Liddle
Teacher of Design Technology & Textiles Mrs R Waldram
Teacher of Design Technology & Construction Mr W Kennedy
Teacher of Art & Media Mrs Z McAloon
Teacher of Art & Media Mrs A Robinson
Teacher of Art Miss E Rutherford
Teacher of Health & Social Care Mrs V Clark
Teacher of Health & Social Care Mrs L Atkinson
Year Managers
Year Manager for Year 7 Miss C Leask
Year Manager for Year 8 & 9 Mrs D Hunt
Year Manager for Year 10 Mrs S Lockey
Year Manager for Year 11 Mrs L Mitchell
Year Manager for Sixth Form Mrs J Rodrigues
Inclusion Team
Inclusion Coordinator Mr G Martin
Inclusion Administrator Mrs S McEwan
PLC Manager Mrs L Craggs
Expectations Coordinator Miss S Bell
Safeguarding & Welfare Officer Mrs G Wright
Support Staff Team
Business Manager Mr A Sutton
PA to the Principal Mrs D Park
Data & Exams Officer Miss K Dearden
Front of House Receptionist Mrs T Clark
Student Services Receptionist Miss K Weatherall
Print Shop Manager Miss L Richardson
Business Support Assistant Miss S Curry
Community Zone Coordinator Mr L Barnes
Site Manager Mr S Jones
Site Manager Mr A Livingstone
IT Technician Mr J Stirling
IT Technician Mr J Dobson